KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 — Ebit Lew has helped a 12-year-old homeless orphan who lost his parents to Covid-19 and has been sleeping on the streets of Bukit Raja, Klang ever since.

The popular preacher took to his Facebook to share the child’s predicament after he went looking for him.

“Homeless at a young age. His parents had just passed away last January due to Covid-19.

“I felt sorry that he had to live aimlessly. Lots of people around tried to help, some even texted me about the boy.


“He has got no one else in his life, this is indeed a heavy test for you my child, surely there’s a blessing in disguise,” Lew captioned his post.

Lew also disclosed that the child has been living off food given by passersby and he was still fasting despite his situation.  


“When I saw the child from afar, I felt like crying because he is so well-mannered and kind.

“When I asked about his parents, he broke in tears immediately.

“He told me that he no longer has anybody in his life, I told him that we are all his family now,” Lew wrote in his post.

After bringing the boy to the police station to file a report, Lew brought him to get some new clothes and asked the boy if he wanted to go to a madrasah school which the boy agreed to.

Lew also bought him new shoes and ‘jubah’ (religious robes) for him to start his life at the madrasah.

Lew's post has garnered over 200,000 likes and has been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook.

Facebook users thanked Lew for his efforts and wished the boy a bright future ahead. 

Lew is known for his many charitable deeds which included supplying water tankers in Batu Caves during the water disruption in October last year and aiding Pahang flood victims.

The local philanthropist also recently led a humanitarian mission to South Africa.