LONDON, April 22 — The studies are clear: art not only bestows pleasure, it can also heal. And these health benefits are so impressive that the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London has decided to equip itself with a new art installation. Its particularity? It induces “positive moods and emotions.”

A WHO report in 2019 asserted that art can be beneficial on a mental as well as physical level. London-based studio Genesis Art recently built on these findings to create “The Immersive Healing Art System,” an art installation that adapts to one’s mood.

It is equipped with sensors and a facial recognition system to identify and interpret the feelings of the viewer.


Using artificial intelligence, the installation then generates unique virtual artworks that “calm, relax or improve the mood” of the viewer.

A way to contribute to the well-being of caregivers and patients by encouraging them to embrace positive emotions, according to Genesis Arts.



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From the cultural centre to online ballet

“The Immersive Healing Art System” has been installed at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for a few weeks now, to test its impact on mood and state of mind in a medical setting.

“We know how important art is in helping patient rehabilitation, recovery and wellbeing. We’re excited to work with companies and partners like Genesis, who are creating innovative approaches and digital solutions that optimise recovery for our patients,” said Trystan Hawkins, Director of Patient Environment at CW+.

This installation is the latest initiative launched by CW+, the official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

The charity is harnessing the many therapeutic benefits of art for the human brain and body as part of its “Arts in Health” programme, offering patients the opportunity to explore the 2,000 works of art in its collection or to enjoy a new cultural centre within the London hospital. CW+ has also partnered with the prestigious English National Ballet School to bring line dance performances to hospital patients and caregivers. — ETX Studio