KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 11 — Malaysian-owned virtual shopping mall for local artisans, The Artisan Haven (TAH) is having its first physical and virtual event this weekend happening at The Linc KL. 

Founded six months ago during the first movement control order (MCO) by retired Ambank banker, Jade Lee and partner, Rosalie Lin, TAH aims to help local craft makers to market their artworks. 

“We started with 30 small artisans and today, we’ve grown to 150 local artisans,” said Lee.

“It’s much easier to put everything and everyone together and market as a group, thus we call it a virtual mall.”


This weekend, TAH will be exhibiting unique products from five categories which are sweets and treats, home and living, action and adventure, beauty and fashion as well as arts and collectibles. 

Following the theme of ‘Homemade and Accolade’, sweet and treat artisans such as local bakery, The Cakery and coconut candy maker, Padma’s Dapur will be amongst those introducing their own special treats.

Twelve home and living artisans will also be sharing ideas on home restyling along with exhibitions by Natural Life and Candle Pit Stop. 


Visitors will also get a chance to speak to four adventurous artisans in areas such as health and fitness, motocross sports and four by four overland exploration and outdoor activities.

The creator of Poez, Poesy Liang who is known for her jewellery brand, will showcase her accessories line while award-winning painter Sashtri Vivekanda will also showcase his creation of life-like portraits at TAH. 

TAH will also feature social enterprises such as the Beautiful Gate Foundation with their own coffee, processed by the disabled along with Community Excel Services with their handmade cloth bags. 

“Many artisans can’t spend two full days at the event as they don’t have enough time.”

“This is because they have to make the products themselves; some have to cook while some have to craft.”

“So, we actually got a few retirees who offered to work pro-bono to help with the exhibition,” Lee said, adding that they’re grateful to The Linc KL for lending the space for free.

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of crafty exhibitions to performances by local buskers and performing arts students. — Picture courtesy of The Artisan Haven
Visitors can enjoy a wide range of crafty exhibitions to performances by local buskers and performing arts students. — Picture courtesy of The Artisan Haven

Apart from that, TAH will also have performances by students from Malaysia’s performing arts training academy, Enfiniti Academy along with veteran actresses, Joanna Bessey and Tria Aziz who are also mentors to the students.

In addition to that, visitors and viewers can also tune in to local buskers, The Albabs, who will be performing on both days.

“All the programmes and performances are done for free of charge; this is to rejuvenate the small business sectors.

“Big companies can still survive but not the same can be said for the small ones, especially when their products are homemade and handmade.

“Consumers will be able to come and have a look by themselves to better appreciate the crafts,” Lee said.

With the conditional movement control order in place, Lee is not expecting much of a crowd at the event although she is expecting large turnouts online as TAH have a bigger presence there. 

When talking about future events, Lee said that they will be taking the event to Amcorp Mall next as Amcorp Mall is offering them free space for local artisans. 

“We will also continue with The Linc for at least three or four more times this year.

“The Linc have been great, they really support us and the local artisans.” 

The Artisan Haven is happening from March 13 to 14 at The Linc KL from 10am to 7pm. 

The event will also be available live on The Artisan Haven Facebook page, for more information, please click here