PETALING JAYA, Feb 24 — SEBARIS By Dr Bala has launched its customised invisible aligners and virtual remote monitoring backed by AI technology.

Founder of SEBARIS By Dr Bala, Bala Saravanan introduced the custom-made premium aligners because he noticed that traditional braces worn by patients had its own set of problems.

“Patients who wore braces found it uncomfortable and troublesome especially when wearing braces for special events such as wedding ceremonies and important occasions.

“Other obstacles in wearing braces include patients having trouble brushing their teeth while others have complained of tooth decay as a result of wearing braces.


“Wearing braces is also a very dentist dependent process whereby dentists are always in charge of tightening the metal wires when patients head to the clinic for their appointments.”

He said that with the aligners, patients are fully responsible for wearing their aligners at home according to the given timeframe by the dentist and do not have to worry about discomfort as the aligners are easily removed for eating, drinking, flossing and are invisible to the eye when worn.

Dr Bala said that the custom-made aligners are shaped according to patients’ gum lines. — Picture courtesy of SEBARIS By Dr Bala
Dr Bala said that the custom-made aligners are shaped according to patients’ gum lines. — Picture courtesy of SEBARIS By Dr Bala

“The unique aspect about the aligners is that they are shaped according to patients’ gum lines for optimal comfort and have a track record of having shaped eight million smiles.”


The dentalpreneur who has founded a chain of dental clinics added that while initial consultation is done with the dentist, patients will subsequently be using a Dental Monitoring application on their smartphones to check the progress of their teeth with dentists.

“The ScanBox feature on their smartphone enables patients to submit a picture of their teeth from wherever they’re located while the ScanBox is engineered to identify teeth movement from its smallest detail.

 “And the ScanBox feature would instruct patients to take a picture of their teeth with and without the aligners so that constant monitoring is conducted to detect any changes to carry on with treatment plans.

“It is also not just an application to see the movement of teeth but also other underlying gum conditions and to check for tooth decay as well.”

Bala added patients’ progress is closely tracked virtually on a weekly basis together with him and his team of 15 of the world’s top orthodontists.

He also estimated that patients would only need to see the dentists about four times a year should their aligners be functioning well and patients’ teeth are in better shape throughout the virtual consultation.

Asked as to the cost of putting in the aligners, Bala said that the price range of the procedure cost are anywhere from RM4,000 to RM 15,000 depending on patients’ treatment and for how long they will be wearing the aligners.

“The price range is such as it also depends on the amount of aligners we will be using as well,” he said.

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