PETALING JAYA, Feb 5 — Malaysian food vlogger Che Nom who is known for her easy-to-follow Malay recipes has reached one million YouTube subscribers.

The retired engineer whose real name is Norma Bakar announced the achievement on Twitter yesterday.

“Thank you for all your support,” wrote the social media star, who started vlogging as a hobby.

“Google Malaysia, please wrap my Gold Play Button nicely ya, thanks in advance.”



The Gold Play Button is awarded to YouTube accounts with one million subscribers.


The talented 39-year-old started her YouTube journey in 2012 after she decided to retire early from the telecommunications company she was working at to become a full-time vlogger.

Che Nom’s passion for food was supported by her husband who would help shoot her cooking videos.

She also referred to herself as an “online mum to anyone who wants to learn how to cook on YouTube”.

The popular food personality previously revealed her earnings from a single video uploaded two years ago that took her by surprise.

Che Nom said her Butter Chicken recipe which she posted in July 2019 generated RM7,762 in earnings.

The YouTuber announced she had hit the one-million mark at 3.05pm on Twitter yesterday, three hours after she called on fans to subscribe to her channel when she was short of 2,000 followers to reach the milestone.


Some of her most-viewed recipes include ayam masak merah (3.9 million views), tips on making the perfect chicken rice (3.2 million views) and No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake (2.9 million views).

You can find her recipes on YouTube, Instagram and her website