PETALING JAYA, Nov 2 — South Korean Youtuber Tasty Hoon became the darling of the internet after his “mukbang” or eating show, saw him being “attacked” by his cheese fondue.

The eight-minute video uploaded on Oct 28 began with Hoon putting cheese into his chocolate fondue machine.

The cheese which appears doughy rather than liquified, results in the machine clogging up causing it to whir out of control and fall apart as strings and bits of cheese flew about, in a seemingly slapping motion.

The South Korean food blogger who appeared terrified at first, then tearfully bewildered, ended up wrapping strings of cheese strewn around a piece of fried chicken to continue his mission to eat.

Yesterday, Hoon uploaded his second attempt to enjoy his cheese fondue, showing how he added liberal amounts of milk to keep the cheese more liquid.

Despite the nervous apprehension, his efforts paid off that resulted in a happy ending for the mukbang session and much cheering from his new fanbase.

Tasty Hoon, is currently taking suggestions for his next fondue video with his newfound fame.