KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — It all began when 25-year-old Said Muhammad Hafidz Adhha Said Umar, 25, began selling sushi from his car boot.

From the start of his car boot sushi business in front of SK Lembah Keramat, he had shared his plans on Twitter October 22 about his plan to give away sushi to the needy.



“Every Friday, I have set aside 50 pieces of sushi to be given to the hungry and those without money.

“Please RT (retweet) so that this tweet reaches poor people who want to eat sushi,” he wrote in the tweet that had since been retweeted 5,526 times.


He was swamped by those who wanted to chip in for his initiative, as well as help his business.

“I took 1,000 pieces of sushi on that day, of which 350 were given away to the hungry, which was the result of donations, as well as my weekly allocation.

“As for the balance 650 sushi, it was snapped up within two hours,” said the father of two, who sells the sushi at RM1 per piece.

Due to the overwhelming response, Hafidz now welcomes the people to join him in giving away sushi.

“I hope to be able to open my boot for a day not to sell sushi but just to give away sushi,” he told mStar.

On why he decided to sell the sushi at only RM1 per piece, the fourth child of five siblings said it was to enable more people to enjoy the Japanese food.

“I myself only tasted sushi when I was in my early 20s,” said Hafidz, whose late father used to work in the poultry section in a supermarket.