PETALING JAYA, June 17 — A university student from Sabah is gaining attention online for her backbreaking efforts to take her online examinations.

Veveonah Mosibin posted a video to her YouTube channel recently showing viewers how she spent 24 hours on top of a tree in the jungle to get the best internet connection for her chemistry and Malaysian studies exams that day.

She had initially built a mud hut with a bamboo floor and thatched roof on top of a hill specifically for this purpose but was crestfallen when she discovered that the structure had been destroyed by heavy rain the week before her exams.

The Universiti Malaysia Sabah student quickly devised a new plan and climbed to the top of a tree armed with a mosquito net, her mobile phone, a power bank, food and water, and stationery to ace her tests.


“I had already built the hut in preparation for my online examination but unfortunately, the hut broke as it’s been a while since I last visited it.

“I had so much to do including working at my orchard, tapping rubber, and helping both of my parents, so I wasn’t aware of the condition of the hut.

“I need to climb this tree if I want a strong internet connection during the examination,” said Vevenoah in the video.


The youth also shared how she was almost stung by an Asian giant hornet after finishing up her chemistry exam in the morning.

Vevenoah showed clips of the killer insect after it had infiltrated her mosquito net and she quickly lifted the protective layer and urged it to fly out.

She then spent a night camping on top of the tree after wrapping up her Malaysian studies exam in the afternoon and returned to her village the following morning.

After her video went viral, Vevenoah’s subscriber count rose to 26,400 in less than a week and she uploaded a new video on June 14 thanking people for their support.

In a flustered voice, she said the numbers didn’t matter much to her but she still appreciated people’s interest in her videos.

“I don’t care too much about numbers but I really love your support.

“I promise to make many more interesting videos. So many people left positive comments that gave me motivation and I’m so thankful.”