PETALING JAYA, April 3 — While it’s typically common to receive gifts on one’s birthday, a generous Malaysian woman decided to flip the tradition on its head.

Liyana Zamri placed an order for two beef burger sets from homegrown restaurant myBurgerLab as a treat for hardworking food delivery riders during the Movement Control Order (MCO) which is in its second phase.

“Hi Grab rider, no need to send to this address, yesterday was my birthday and it’s my treat to a few of you who are working hard.

“Give the other set to another rider okay? Be careful while riding the motorbike! Stay safe!” she wrote, referring to the extra set she ordered.


A screenshot of the woman’s generous gesture was shared by myBurgerLab yesterday after her note was visible on the eatery’s Grab Food app.

In return, myBurgerLab took to Instagram to praise Liyana’s thoughtful treat and proceeded to reward her.



“Liyana Zamri. You are an outstanding citizen.


“After MCO is over, we belanja (treat) you and your friends burgers okay. Happy Belated Birthday,” myBurgerLab wrote.

The post has gained over 4,200 likes at the time of writing along with positive responses from social media users.

After being tagged by a friend in the comments section, Liyana said she had no idea the restaurant would be able to see her note to the rider.

“It was nothing big, hope that it made a stranger smile,” responded Liyana to one of the comments commending her random act of kindness.