KUALA LUMPUR, March 30 -- Frustrated that many were still ignoring the movement control order (MCO), a Terengganu man decided to post photos of himself dressed up as a ghost on social media.

Muhammad Urabil Alias posted the photos of himself standing on top of a van in an attempt to scare youngsters at Taman Anika Jaya, Kampung Tempurung in Chukai for their refusal to adhere to the MCO that was in place because of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

“Despite the order, there were still many who came out at night so I decided to post the photos on Facebook,” the 38-year-old told Malay daily Harian Metro.


Urabil added that his stunt actually worked as the number of people who came out at night had reduced after he posted the pictures, which were taken by his wife Norhayati Nayan.

The post has since been shared 3,500 times and received 1,000 reactions.


Urabil said the authorities had been patrolling his housing area since the enforcement of MCO but there were still some who remained stubborn.

“After I uploaded the photos on FB, they panicked and were scared to come out,” he said.

Urabil added that after he uploaded the pictures, he received many messages from internet users to ask about the photos’ authenticity.

“From my status itself you can see I was not serious but they still think the photos are real.”

“My wife and I apologise if we have gone overboard.”