KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 ― Valentine's Day comes with a lot of pressure and expectations, especially when couples want to amplify their dating game and go all out on a “romantic” gesture.

To help couples heat up their V-Day, Malay Mail asked consultant urologist Professor Dr George Lee Eng Geap to highlight the importance of exploring various sex positions for when the mood hits.

According to Dr Lee, any sex position that is comfortable will help couples to relax and have the “manoeuvrability” to be experimental and enhance pleasure.

“When couples are comfortable and relaxed, they can take charge and focus on the rhythm of actions.”


Citing 20th-century sexologist Alfred Kinsey, Dr Lee noted that most couples only stick to a handful of sex positions, including missionary, doggy or spooning, cowgirl, pounding on the spot and standing positions.

He also encouraged couples to be more experimental and try out other positions to make sex less painful and keep the spark alive.

“The well-recognised manoeuvre to experiment would be penetrating your partner on top with front entry, or the classic missionary position.


“Because of the widening of the lower limbs, the position permits mutual genital contacts for both partners,” he said. 

Dr Lee added that the position can further be improved when a pillow is placed underneath the pelvis to enhance support.

“The partner in the lower position can bend the knees to open up the pelvis upwards and eventually minimise painful thrusting.”

To hit the G-spot ― the erogenous zone of the female genitalia believed to be at the frontal vaginal wall ― Dr Lee said repeated contact stimulations of the zone with the penis can lead to heightened waves of intense sensation.

“The well-recognised way to achieve such contact will be through the woman-on-top position.

“In this position, the woman can take charge of the depth by leaning slightly backwards and pace herself with the rhythm to achieve the G-spot orgasm,” Dr Lee added.

Additionally, Dr Lee noted that penetration from behind could also maximise pleasure for both partners.

“The experimentation of penetrating from behind can be done through ‘doggy style’ position, when the receiving partner has all four limbs with the torso in a horizontal position and the penetrating partner inserts the vagina from behind,” he said.

Alternatively, Dr Lee said couples may also try the “spoons position” where both partners can cuddle each other, while lying on the side and facing the same direction.  

“Because of its non-strenuous nature, the position can also help couples to conserve some energy with a side thrusting and preserve stamina to prolong their intercourse session.”

Dr Lee also warned that some overly vigorous sex positions may cause harm to the receiving or penetrating partner and advised the couples to be mindful of their lovemaking manoeuvres.

According to him, the penetrating partner on top can potentially cause harm to the receiving partner when the weight exertion is causing a crushing impact.

“If the receiving partner on top is female, she can be harmful to the male partner when too vigorous lateral movement induces trauma to the base of the penis.

“Apart from that, penetration from behind may also cause harm if one or both partners have joint problems when kneeling,” he added.