PETALING JAYA, May 30 — Bangsar residents were stopped in their tracks recently after they spotted an unusual phenomenon in the sky.

Several Facebook users in “The Republic of Bangsar #TROB” group shared pictures of the visual spectacle that occurred on the evening of May 28.

The photos show thick clouds with aurora-like lights peeking out from behind, creating a bright burst of colour in the sky.

Group member Michael Liew suggested that the event might have been a crown flash, a rare weather phenomenon caused by sunlight reflecting or refracting off small ice crystals in the clouds.


“Blessed that I managed to witness this elusive and majestic phenomenon. Mother Nature is truly amazing,” he wrote.

Several users took to the comments section to share their own pictures taken at different locations.

“Was driving back from Kajang (and I was) awestruck by its beauty,” said Gaithri Selvarajah.


“I saw it as well, (it) was gorgeous. Seemed like the heavens were opening,” Mark Simon wrote.

Prior to the emergence of mobile phone cameras, crown flashes were considered to be a rarely documented event.

Several videos of the display happening all over the world have since popped up on YouTube over the last decade, making them easier to track and study.