KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 — With the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place, eating has become the primary focus of many people. But what if you don't cook?

Try StoreHub's Beep Delivery so food can be delivered from your favourite eatery... even though they did not offer the service before!

It is simple. The eatery will send you their uniquely generated website link to access their online menu for you to place your order and it will be delivered. Self-collection is also available.

You can also scroll through FoodDelivery.com.my, a directory that lists out food businesses.


"We created FoodDelivery.com.my to not only promote businesses who have enabled Beep Delivery, but also businesses that run their own food delivery services as well.

"During this period, F&B stores are facing the challenge of getting discovered online. So we want to help connect them with fellow Malaysians who love their mom and pop stores.

"If you are an F&B business owner running your own food delivery and want to get on this directory, you can just submit a form to get listed on the website within 24 hours”, said Head of Marketing Storehub Xin-Ci Chin.


Launched on March 20, tech company StoreHub has partnered with GoGet and a consortium of logistic partners to provide the food delivery services.

"We have approximately 100 eateries 'live' now and estimate about 500 more in the pipeline for this week," said Chin.

To keep everyone safe, Beep Delivery will practise contactless delivery. "We encourage contactless delivery and we know our delivery partners do too," said Chin.

Use the website link provided by the eatery and order your food.
Use the website link provided by the eatery and order your food.

She also added as an example that one of their logistics providers, namely GoGet already has stringent guidelines for all their riders.

"They cannot hand the item directly to people. Instead they have to find a flat surface for the package, take a photo for proof and stand away as the customer comes to pick it up."

In addition, Chin stressed that GoGetters are asked to wear masks, sanitise their hands, vehicles and phones as often as they can.

In terms of getting more riders on board to deliver the food, Chin explained that is why they decided to go with a consortium of logistic partners like LalaMove, and GoGet, rather than just one provider.

"Many riders are part of the B40 group in Malaysia and they do need jobs like this to help support their families," said Chin.

For F&B establishments who want to sign up for Beep Delivery (my-en-beep-delivery), StoreHub's fee is 2 per cent on every transaction charged compared to 30 to 35 per cent charged by other delivery platforms.

StoreHub also has launched FoodDelivery.com.my, a directory that lists out food businesses.
StoreHub also has launched FoodDelivery.com.my, a directory that lists out food businesses.

StoreHub believes that by heavily subsiding the cost of the fees during this critical period, the restaurants will be able to deliver more and generate cash flow.

"The moment the MCO was announced, we saw a steep 80 per cent drop of revenue with a large number of businesses doing zero sales. There are approximately 200,000 F&B businesses in Malaysia so we knew we had to do something immediately," said CEO and co-founder StoreHub Fong Wai Hong.

Once Beep Delivery was "live", the restaurants are getting sales, like PJ's IDC (Ice Dreams Cafe).

"We not only have over RM1,000 sales today (versus zero orders) but we also saw two times increase in the average order value!" said IDC owner Darren Tan.

Fong also said, "Some of the stores are already getting 100 orders a day coming through the platform. On average, we're seeing about 20 orders per active store. Many have told us they are grateful for this because they were otherwise getting zero orders."