BANGKOK, May 13 — Chef Gaggan Anand — four-time number one in the “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants” ranking with his eponymous restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand — has surprised fans by announcing on Instagram that he is launching a monthly supper club in his own home, promising food cooked by the chef and family banter.

Sitting down to eat in the home of a world-renowned chef may sound like an unusual or even surreal experience. And yet, that’s exactly what Gaggan is offering, according to a post on the chef’s Instagram page.

The chef, who is particularly active on social media, frequently keeping followers amused with personal snaps, has revealed plans to start a monthly supper club, giving 10 diners the opportunity to enjoy a meal prepped by the chef and to dine alongside his family in his home.

While the project already sounds like a dream, Gaggan has also announced that the meal will be free. The chef does, however, impose other conditions on his guests, who are asked to bring a bottle of natural wine or whisky as well as a vinyl of music of their choice and to make a donation to the chef’s chosen charity, Farm Africa. Gaggan states that the donation can even be as little as a dollar.


For a chance to take part, prospective diners are asked to send the chef a direct message on Instagram explaining why they want to come to his home. He will then select 10 diners (with a maximum of two from the same acquaintance) with whom to share the experience.

Gaggan held the top spot in the ranking of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for four years, until the latest list was released in March. The chef’s Bangkok eatery was knocked off the top by “Odette” in Singapore, helmed by French chef Julien Royer.

Gaggan plans to close his “Gaggan” restaurant in 2020. — AFP-Relaxnews


So here it goes I am opening a supper club (maybe we do brunches too so we can drink all day) in my home, once a month I will share my family time space & our love for food and how much food and music is part of our daily life .. my daughter Tara will bully u and ask for all the attention or My wife @trip_series will get 😵 drunk with u guys ... I will cook what I think is home cooked humble food.. NO sharing of location or checkin allowed I won’t charge a baht 💵 for this rather barter in exchange 🤑 the deal To get in is all u got to do is write me a Direct message why u wanna come to my home ?? And the conditions are u have to carry a bottle of natural wine 🍷 (bong water) @growing_boy words to express it lol 😝 Or a bottle of whisky 🥃 no mass labels please only small batch ones And a vinyl 🎼🎸🎺🎷🥁🎻 of music of ur choice .. (no Bollywood) I am not a fan !! And donate an amount to my chosen charity @farm_africa (can be even 1 us$) no pressure And then I will choose only 10 diners (maximum 2 from same acquaintance) to have a memory with us #gaggan #world50best #asia50best #eatingagganhome

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