Could Nissan’s Ariya concept take on Tesla’s upcoming Model Y? (VIDEO)

Nissan’s Ariya Concept could go into production ‘in the near future.’ — Picture courtesy of Nissan via AFP-Relaxnews
Nissan’s Ariya Concept could go into production ‘in the near future.’ — Picture courtesy of Nissan via AFP-Relaxnews

TOKYO, Oct 23 — The intelligent and connected Ariya Concept that Nissan unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show today could “soon” make it into production.

By inheriting design elements from the IMx concept announced at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan’s Ariya Concept is a friendly and familiar electric SUV equipped with 2019 tech.

Representing the Nissan’s Intelligence Mobility vision and the “pure, clean nature of electric cars,” the cabin of the Ariya is finished in premium materials and intelligent technologies. Like the IMx, the interior retains a lounge-like feel thanks to its airy design embodying “Timeless Japanese Futurism”.

The shape of the front shield resembles that on the IMx, as do the thin, sharply angled headlights and the rear light blade — a “sharpness” that Nissan equates with the tech on the inside of the model.

Replacing the buttons and switches that control various vehicle functions on conventional instrument panels are haptic touch controls that illuminate when the car is turned on and disappear when the car is off. A 12.3-inch puts the car’s infotainment controls at the driver’s and passenger’s fingertips.

The ProPilot 2.0 driver assistance system offers various semi-autonomous driving features including letting drivers cruise hands-free while in a given lane. Additionally, the system helps drivers when passing other vehicles, making lane diversions and taking an exit on a multi-lane highway.

Furthermore, the model is smart enough to get to know its owner. A “welcome light” automatically turns on as the driver approaches and the doors likewise unlock. Settings like the seating position and climate controls adjust before the driver even sits down.

While statistics like range and battery power have not been revealed, considering that the brand announced the possibility of the concept being made into a production model “in the near future,” that information likely measures up with today’s electric crossover competitors — maybe even Tesla’s Model Y. — AFP-Relaxnews

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