PD Move has nothing to do with nepotism — Puthan Perumal

SEPTEMBER 16 — It was reported in the news that Maria Chin Abdullah, who is also Petaling Jaya MP, said that everyone has the right to stand for an election, but sounded a note of caution over concerns about nepotism.

She said, “We have to monitor the situation so nepotism does not occur.”

This was in relation to the much talked about PD Move.

Here is what is confusing, to me at least. What is this nepotism that everyone is talking about?

Our beloved DPM Wan Azizah Ismail stood in Pandan and the constituents of Pandan voted for her.

Nurul Izzah Anwar stood in Permatang Pauh and the constituents of Permatang Pauh voted for her.

And now, if DSAI stands in PD and the constituents of  PD vote for him, then so be it.

No one is creating any issue whatsoever on the fact that three family members are running and being elected. That is the political party’s call on who should be fielded. And in some instances, independents go at it on their own. In the end, the people decide whether that candidate gets elected or not. That is democracy.

The issue here now is the manner in which the vacancy in the PD seat came about and whether the constituents of PD are being treated, as a learned scholar told me, like pawns.

Anyone can stand in an election. Of course. That goes without saying. Is that the best the former Bersih 2.0 chair can come up with? Why duck the main issue and talk about something absolutely irrelevant  like nepotism?

While all parties, as the days go by, seem to be endorsing the PD Move perhaps out of concern for unity, sometimes, just sometimes, when something is not right it should be voiced out and addressed.

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