Fix the After-Anwar — Wan Salman Wan Sallam

February 12 — The after-effect of the now-out Anwar’s Sodomy II verdict won’t seem to ease up in a month or so. Anwar’s supporters will continue to push for Anwar’s release. Prayers in mosques and suraus continue to be organised despite Nur Jazlan’s skepticism over them.

Of course many of us are still puzzled by the Judge’s statement of Saiful Bukhari being a credible witness. Off court, it’d just make more sense to say that Saiful has got no gentlemen’s balls, playing the game as if he’s the one having the most dignity lost upon being sodomised by Anwar.

We may think it’s the worst it could be. But let’s face it, is Anwar getting at least the same amount of support as he did during the first time he was jailed back then?

If anyone from back then recall how massive the demonstration led by Fadzil Noor of Pas were, will the one now be comparable to that? If yes, is the social media now reflects it?

As far as we know, from one of the component party from Pakatan itself, Pas’ Hadi seemed to use this verdict as leverage for the sharia law they’re fighting for. This is neither to discredit Hadi’s disappointment over the verdict nor rejecting sharia law. But we can see here that without Anwar, Pas may lose focus on what the problem really is.

If that’s the logic being used, we might as well join the jihadis of ISIS and die martyrs thus obtain heaven. But yet, it doesn’t work out that way.

This is just the very beginning. How about the fate of Pakatan after-Anwar? Will Pas be willing to stay with DAP and PKR? It’s an open secret that Anwar glues Pakatan’s components all this time.

As observed in the Kota Putera seat which was supposed to only have PKR representative from Pakatan, people there still prefer Pas’ candidate even though Pas break the promise. In simple words, Pakatan still needs Pas.

Not only Pas will be problematic; we can see how DAP will progress as a moderate party as they claim to be. Up until now, we cannot really see how sincere DAP is in championing freedom of speech and expression. Their representatives repeatedly push for Malay extremists to be charged under the Sedition Act.

Not that we support the Malay extremists, but if the freedom of speech you champion will only favour you; you don’t get the credit of championing one. After all, what is the difference between selectively charging a person under the draconian act with fighting to abolish it but asking a person who go against you be charged under the same act?

And of course, we are yet to see whether DAP will ever get to be seen as more than the “only-Chinese” party, in full, especially by the more conservative rural Malays.

All in all, it’s PKR that would have the greatest effect of after-Anwar if nothing is being done to curb it. During the last Selangor MB crisis, it’s known that they are camps in PKR itself. One of the factors maintaining the stability of the party despite having a number of camps is the de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Will Azmin Ali survive his term or the next given this verdict? Will PKR find the new “Anwar factor”? Will they ever find a way out of being a wreak havoc during its party elections?

While it’s reasonable for Anwar’s supporters to pursue any way possible in pursuing justice, Pakatan components got to plan ahead what would be for them to run their business after-Anwar. With the petrol price reducing and Anwar being charged quite early in the term, Pakatan could not afford to lose influence in the upcoming elections.

Not that Anwar is no longer meaningful to fight for. But if Pakatan is really worth saving for the sake of the rakyat (as they claim all the time), has each component consider this?

While fighting for Anwar’s way out, DAP and Pas especially must deal with their respective antihudud and anti-PBT elections issues immediately. The hudud factor have once tore Barisan Alternatif apart. Unless DAP and Pas didn’t learn their lessons from the 2004 election, they must start working on a deal and making it look as peaceful as possible. Mom and dad fighting is not a pleasant scenery for the voters.

Last but not least, Pakatan will be running out of time each second they waste not planning of what will be of them. If Anwar really is your maker and hero, you hero wouldn’t want you to lose yourself after all the effort he did to make you possible.

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