KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will be happening this June 10 and already there’s been plenty of buzz about what will be announced.

The conference is one of the tech industry’s most anticipated events though hardware announcements are not always the norm, being focused more on software updates and developer sessions.

In-person participation for developers will, however, be decided by lottery but not being there in person doesn’t mean not being able to partake of a lot of useful conference information as there will be shared online sessions.

Apple also has a new Apple Developer YouTube channel that will also upload WWDC videos.


Applications to attend the in-person conference are already open on the official Apple site or you could look up and download the Apple Developer app.

Will there be an exciting announcement in store? Keen eyes have spotted what might be a hint of a possible artificial intelligence reveal.

It’s unlikely that Apple will announce its own genAI bot considering news of the company’s discussions with Google and other genAI-using firms only came out recently.


Instead, genAI might be baked into the company’s own apps but for now that is still just speculation.