SAN FRANCISCO, March 21 — The next edition of the Google I/O developer conference, held on May 14 and 15, 2024, promises to lift the lid on plenty of innovations. And whether it’s through the upcoming Android update or its new smartphone, Google intends to put artificial intelligence at the heart of its strategy.

At the event, held on the firm’s Mountain View campus, Google is scheduled to present the main features of Android 15, with an emphasis on security and privacy. As every year, the main new features of the upcoming version of the operating system, rolling out in the fall, are due to be presented to developers before they reach consumers.

But it’s artificial intelligence that will likely be the focus of attention. By launching Gemini (which replaces Bard) at the beginning of the year, Google is hoping to compete with OpenAI and ChatGPT in the market for conversational generative AI. And all eyes are on Google in this field, with many expectations in terms of search and translation.

On the hardware side, the Google I/O conference will probably also set the stage for the firm to present a new mid-range smartphone, in this case the Pixel 8a. This is especially eagerly awaited as it is expected to feature enhanced photography capabilities.


The Google I/O conference can be followed live via its dedicated website: — ETX Studio