KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 ― Apple added a little note on the closing shot of the “Scary Fast” launch that unveiled the company's latest processor and upcoming MacBook Pro notebooks — that the event was shot on iPhone and edited on the Mac.

While the “shot on iPhone” branding has been used on various commissioned work or collaborations, Apple has never actually shot one of its keynote presentations with the iPhone.

Lest you think it was just one person holding a phone throughout, the setup was like any professional video shoot — with lighting and special rigs.


Not one but a few iPhone 15 Pro Max were used throughout the filming, with the use of filming accessories by Beastgrip.

Interesting to note is that while the event was shot on iPhone the app used was not the Apple default Camera app but the iOS-exclusive Blackmagic Camera app, created by noted cinema hardware specialist Blackmagic Design.

In a statement, the event video director Brian Oakes said: “iPhone is a great new tool in the palette of filmmakers. Seeing it different is doing injustice to any of the other mediums that people bleed for as filmmakers. Everything is there to be an extension of someone's vision or personality. The image quality of iPhone definitely democratises the access.”


Need some inspiration to start on your own-made on iPhone features? You can watch the behind-the-scenes featurette here.