CUPERTINO (California), Sept 8 — It’s been gratifying the last few years to see the launch of new Apple products here so soon after the first wave of releases.

This year the new iPhones will be available for pre-order on a special day — Malaysia Day on September 16 and they will be available exactly a week later on September 23.

While the new phones come with exciting new features such as Crash Detection and welcome updates to the cameras, it won’t be surprising if some Malaysians might feel they do not have enough reasons to upgrade.

Here are a few questions you might have about the new iPhones answered in time for you to decide on an iPhone preorder.

If the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 have the same processor, aren’t they just the same phone?

Many laptops have the same processor but they’re not the same computer and that is how it is with the new iPhone 14.

What the iPhone 14 brings is new hardware updates such as Crash Detection that will use data from two sensors, your location as well as the microphone to determine if a crash happens, triggering a call to emergency services automatically.

The iPhone 14 also now comes in a larger size with the iPhone 14 Plus where formerly if you wanted a bigger phone, you needed to pay extra for an iPhone Pro Max model instead.

There’s also the upgraded camera sensor that will enable better low light photography so the phones really aren’t the same.

The Pro models are really pricey — are they worth the extra cash?

Well, the “nice” thing this year is that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro phones now are different enough in terms of specs you can say that the hardware gap is reflected in the pricing.

While the iPhone 14 line uses the same processors as last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, the new Apple Bionic processor of course offers a large upgrade in terms of processing power that makes it ideal for the people who tend to push their phones to the limit.

The difference in the cameras, with the iPhone Pro models now sporting 48-megapixel main camera sensors and a slightly improved telephoto lens (with a new 2x zoom mode) is marked enough to appeal to photography enthusiasts and “made on iPhone” videomakers.

Speaking about pricing, thoughts on the new prices?

Considering that the ringgit has weakened significantly against the US dollar, there had to be some price adjustments.

The pricing of the iPhone 14 from RM4,199 (RM4,699 for the iPhone 14 Plus) still makes them fairly expensive and flagship-price though for the Pro models, RM5,299 and RM5,799 for the respective iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max units are on the level of other brands’ highest-end models.

Is it worth getting the iPhone 13 and 13 mini instead since they’re cheaper?

Both models are still solid phones with the longevity of Apple’s generous updates that will make the phone relevant for years.

Perhaps, however, you might be better off waiting till next year when you can get this year’s iPhone 14 range updates for cheaper.

Look out for reviews of the new devices once they land on our shores September 23.