SANTA MONICA, June 6 — Snapchat has unveiled a new option to help users find the best places to eat nearby. This service will be added to the Snap Mag, the social network’s interactive map feature.

Hungry? Snapchat has launched a new filter on its interactive Snap Map to list restaurant recommendations close to a user’s location. Developed in partnership with restaurant reviews site The Infatuation, this new option will provide details of the highest rated local restaurants “approved” by the site.

Users will also be able to bookmark restaurants for easy retrieval and share their favourite eateries with friends via the app’s chat function. As with certain food delivery apps, this map layer will also allow users to search for a restaurant according to a type of cuisine or dining style, such as a brunch, a business meeting, a group booking, etc.

For now, the restaurant recommendations function on Snapchat is only available in major US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco, as well as in London. The social network has not said whether the tool will be rolled out to other cities in the future.

However, in “Place Profiles,” all users of the application will be able to see reviews from The Infatuation covering restaurants in more than 50 cities around the world.

To access this new feature, users simply need to turn on geolocation on their smartphone and activate the appropriate layer in the Snap Map menu.

In February 2022, Snapchat announced a collaboration with the Ticketmaster website to develop a layer on its interactive map. This option allows users to see upcoming concerts in their local area. — ETX Studio