SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 28 ― Facebook's next annual conference devoted to virtual reality will take place Wednesday, September 16, 2020. This year the name for the event, set to be full of announcements, has been changed to Facebook Connect (rather than Oculus Connect).

This conference will highlight all the latest work done by the Facebook Reality Labs department, dedicated to everything related to virtual and augmented reality. This concerns all the latest innovations of this division in terms of mixed realities (virtual and augmented); we know, for example, that Facebook is working intensively on the development of a brain-machine interface.

The event will also be the occasion to learn more about the Horizon project, presented last year as an entirely virtual and immersive universe imagined by Facebook in which it will be possible to explore, communicate, play and create.

Also highly anticipated is Mark Zuckerberg's address on the subject of virtual reality, which is particularly dear to him and which he aims to make, in the long run, accessible to everyone.


The event, 100 per cent per cent online this year, can be followed via Facebook Live on September 16.

Discover the official site of Facebook Connect: ― AFP-Relaxnews