A look at top new iPhone games: 'Clean Road', 'Stack Ball 3D', more (VIDEO)

iTunes artwork for obstacle clearing game 'Twist Hit!' ― AFP pic
iTunes artwork for obstacle clearing game 'Twist Hit!' ― AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, April 10 ― Obstacle clearing games Clean Road and Stack Ball become top five free game downloads on app store charts around the world, while Run Race 3D wins an international audience and Twist Hit flips a familiar concept.

Released on March 28 to the iOS App Store, road-sweeping challenge Clean Road ended up the top iPhone game download in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands come April 9, 2019, claiming second place in Australia and third in France.

Players direct a snowplough to clear roads and driveways so that other vehicles can follow it to safety.

However, should the plough get stuck and those vehicles collide with the plough, the level starts over.

Stack Ball, much like successful forerunner Helix Jump, has players using a single screen press to drill through a stack whose layers consist of breakable and unbreakable sections.

However, by reducing the gap between tiers to zero, Stack Ball offers a heightened sense of satisfaction while dialling down the initial challenge.

Released on both iOS (as Stack Ball 3D) and Android, our weekly roundup finds it among the top five free game downloads in Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Run Race 3D has been capitalising on last week's popularity, where it scored a US #1 spot and showed good momentum elsewhere; now it's riding high in free game charts for both iPhone and Android with top three positioning in North America, Australia, Europe, the UK and South Africa.

Finally, and also from the Clean Road studio, Twist Hit! takes the familiar stack-shooting, barrier-avoiding action of the already familiar Fire Balls 3D and flips it.

Here, players are timing shots to form completed growth rings on a severed tree stump and are then rewarded with the sight of a full adult tree instantly sprouting up.

Already out for iOS, it was just released for Android at the end of March, registering top 5 game download placements in the USA, in France, Germany and the Netherlands, and in Singapore. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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