SINGAPORE, Feb 23 — Following the virality of the Taiwan Design Expo "innate personality" quiz last October, it seems another fun personality quiz has shown up to take over the internet.

The What Cake R U? quiz, published by Taiwan-based talent platform CakeResume, employs cute pixel art, a village scenario and 12 simple questions to determine what kind of work personality you have.

Your work personality is represented by one of six adorable cakes — Layer Cake, Roll Cake, Cupcake, Strawberry Cake, Tiramisu and Macaron — in a handy infographic that you can download at the end of the quiz.

As expected of a quiz targeted at jobseekers, the results include a spider chart of your strengths, your recommended roles and a job search guide. Like the Taiwan Design Expo quiz, it also tells you which personality types would be your "work besties" or "just coworkers".


Developed by Taiwanese design consultancy Ooopen Lab, it was first released in the Chinese language last June for Taiwanese internet users. Recently, however, Indonesian and English versions of the quiz have popped up on social media.

On X (formerly Twitter), Indonesians have been raving about the quiz since last weekend, with posts of the quiz receiving more than 6,400 replies as of Friday (Feb 23) from other people sharing their own results.

Some congregated in the comments sections to declare themselves "Team Bolu" (sponge cake in English, referring to the Roll Cake personality), while others questioned: "Where are my Kueh Lapis (Layer Cake) and Macaron (work besties)? Let's be friends."


In Singapore, people have also begun to share the quiz on Instagram and messaging platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp, encouraging friends and family to take it so that they may find out if their personality types are compatible.

A TikTok photo carousel on the quiz, posted by Singaporean lifestyle platform District Sixtyfive on Wednesday, has received 10,700 views and 320 likes as of Friday afternoon.

As users search for more content about the quiz, the phrase "Cake Resume quiz" has begun trending on the short-video platform.

Social media users have called the quiz "very cute" and "funny", though several have called its accuracy into question.

One Indonesian X user wrote: "This is cute. But I'm in none of these (recommended) industries."

Likewise, a Singaporean Instagram user complained: "This (quiz) is super lame. Because you just change one answer and the result changes."

Others pointed out that there are only six personalities available — unlike the Taiwan Design Expo quiz that boasted 16 personalities — making it difficult to personalise results.

Still, many people are having fun taking the quiz and linking it to their work lives, such as one Indonesian worker who received the Strawberry Cake result that includes a diffuser as a "career lucky charm".

Posting a photo of a diffuser on a work desk, the user marvelled: "Wow, I have a lucky item right at work."

Others joked that they would also be buying their "lucky charms" as soon as possible. — TODAY