SEOUL, April 4 — The Korean wave continues to sweep the world, as the Kocowa+ platform — a kind of Netflix specialised in Korean content — is expanding to Europe and Oceania. Content is available eight hours after its initial broadcast in Korea.

On its website, Kocowa+ defines itself as “an online premium streaming service which delivers Korean drama series, variety shows and K-pop shows from KBS, MBC, SBS and other content partners.” Basically, if you’re a fan of Korean movies, shows or music, this could be the platform for you. Available since 2017 in North and South America, the service is now arriving in Europe and Oceania, on mobile only for now. Expect to pay €6.99 a month for a basic subscription, and €1 more for a subscription plan with four accounts.

While the interface is, unsurprisingly, relatively similar to Netflix, the catalogue is entirely dedicated to Korean content. As with the American platform, Kocowa+ also offers selections spotlighting trending content, reality TV shows, travel-related films in the “Passport Ready, Ticket Bought” category, and a more dramatic selection of thrillers in the “The Plot Thickens” category. One of the platform’s biggest advantages is the ability to watch a programme within eight hours of its broadcast in Korea, in Korean, with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese. All of which is an undeniable asset for K-Drama fans.

In addition to broadcasting Korean content, Kocowa+ will also offer live broadcasts, from concerts to music charts. With 30,000 hours of programming, the platform bills itself as “the largest Korean content library outside of Korea,” according to Deadline.


Kocowa+, which stands for Korean Content Wave, is part of the so-called Hallyu phenomenon. This “Korean wave” is a major cultural phenomenon of the 21st century, encompassing a variety of cultural products, such as pop music, TV shows and movies produced in South Korea. Recently, the Old Continent was named the fastest-growing market for the genre, with no fewer than 13.2 million people declaring themselves fans, according to The 2023 Overseas Global Hallyu Survey. — ETX Studio