KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — Singer Kaka Azraff has broken her silence with regards to the termination of her contract by label Warner Music Malaysia.

This comes after rumours on social media that the label had ended its relationship with the singer due to the backlash after her private verbal altercation through Direct Messages on Instagram with Australian actor, Nathaniel Buzolic that saw her listed on the Jew Hate Database.

Through screenshots of the DM, Kaka or her real name Nor Atiqa Noor Azraff, 34, was seen replying to an Instagram story of Buzolic where she had lashed out, using anti-semitic and homophobic slurs.


Warner Music Malaysia earlier this evening released a statement saying that Kaka’s contract was terminated due to her usage of certain words in a message online.

The statement from Warner Music stated, “Kaka Azraff is an exceptionally talented artist, but unfortunately, we had to part ways with her because of the specific language she used in her direct message posted online.

“While we staunchly advocate for the freedom of artistic expression under our roster, our decision remains the same, irrespective of the group, religion, or race involved in such instances.”


Kaka in a press conference tonight, along with her lawyers at The Curve however said that despite Warner Malaysia’s recent statement, the exact reasons for her termination remains unclear.

She confirmed that she has received a 30-day termination notice by the label on December 1 which was handed to her without any explanation on her being let go.

“As an artist who has been with Warner Music and as one of the longest artist signed with the label, I believe that I have the right to know the official reasons behind the termination of my contract.

“To be honest, I’m unfazed by the termination of my contract however, I’m baffled by the way it was done which was sudden and without giving me the space to talk things through,” she said.

Regarding her DM to Buzolic, the Gila singer said that she was replying to a pro-Israel propaganda video shared by the actor on his Instagram story and she felt that she was using her rights to expression.

“I hope that people don’t see this as me trying to spread hate speech. I’m just standing up for the rights of my brothers and sisters in Palestine.

“Yes, I admit, I could’ve worded things better but I’ve said what I’ve said and I can’t look back.

“I’ve already said it and I’m taking accountability for it now,” she said.