KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 — Singer Syada Amzah is expecting to be homeless soon after unidentified people turned up uninvited to view her house recently.

In a now expired post shared on her Instagram story, Syada, who real name is Nursyuhada Amir Amzah said her family was confused by the individual turning up at the house as they did not put up any notices to sell the property, mStar reported.

The 25-year-old, who is the younger sister of singer Shila Amzah, implied it was the doing of her father Datuk ND Lala, who recently went through an ugly divorce from her mother Fauziah Sarman.

“It's crazy, it feels like we are strays now. After being dumped, we are now being chased out. Really respect,” she shared in the post.


In a separate Instagram story post, Syada said she was looking for a home to stay with her family.

“Where do we look for a rented house? Me, Caca, brother, mother and furbabies need a place to stay soon.”

In a related development, Syada's manager said the celebrity would not be making any official statements regarding the posts, reported Kosmo! Online.


ND or his real name Amir Amzah Salleh, 62, divorced Fauziah via WhatsApp on August 8.

In April, Fauziah posted a photo of a woman on her social media account accusing the woman of wrecking their marriage although there was no confirmation of the matter from ND then.

The woman is said to be Shila’s schoolmate at SMK Setapak Indah.

ND, an 80s veteran entertainer who is now a business coach and author, later said not to call his wife Siti Munirah Abdul Ghani, 34, a “penyondol” or husband-stealer as he was the one who approached and proposed to her.