KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 — Malaysian miniature artist Lim Pui Wan has become the latest expert to teach Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds a useful skill in the Snap original series Ryan Doesn’t Know.

In the episode titled, Ryan Reynolds Got Huge Skills & Tiny Art, Reynolds got a hands-on lesson from Lim and tried to make a tiny hairdryer.

Lim is known for showcasing her nostalgic Malaysian culture through her mesmerising miniature sculptures.


In the episode, Reynolds gets a mini tutorial from Lim, who is also known as Picoworm, to learn about miniature sculpting.



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The 28-year-old KL-born miniaturist told Malay Mail that she was invited by WestBrook Media to be part of the show.

“It was very fun.

“We knew it will not be a serious tutorial and everything went great with lots of laughter.”

Lim said although she was nervous talking to Reynolds, the actor’s friendly and humorous nature made the session a breeze.

Lim, who has been working as a full-time miniature artist since 2017, developed an interest in the art and started to learn about it on her own when she was 14.

“I mostly learned it from books and forums as YouTube tutorials weren’t a big thing back then.

“I was really into it, and basically practice every day to learn different techniques and skills.”

She said she had always wanted to become a miniature artist one day and is glad that she has finally made it.

The Ryan Doesn’t Know Snap Original is a 12-episode series collaboration between Westbrook Media and Snap that is available exclusively on Snapchat.

Throughout the series, you can watch Reynolds take some time for some self-improvement and learn useful skills by inviting experts from all over the world to his show.

He has tried ice sculpting, world-class programme lifting, latte art, floral sculpting, and many other things.