Camila Cabello apologises for racist Tumblr posts

— Reuters pic
— Reuters pic

LOS ANGELES, Dec 21 — Camila Cabello's old Tumblr account has been making the rounds on the Internet and caused quite the backlash.

Cabello didn't actually write anything problematic on the blog but reshared various offensive posts, including one that made fun of a black child and another that ridiculed fellow celebrity Rihanna over her domestic abuse experience.

Screenshots of those posts were shared by Twitter user @motivatefenty.

The blog has apparently been deleted and taken over by a different user, who proudly proclaimed "I took her username".

Cabello has issued an apology on her Instagram via an Instagram story, that was also shared on Twitter.

She said she was "deeply embarassed" and that she was "embarassingly igorant" at the time.


While some fans have considered her apology acceptable, her response was also criticised for being a 'non-apology' as it did not address how racist many of the posts were.

Seeing how large her fanbase is and the strong support she is receiving from her fans over the matter, it's likely the whole furore will blow over quickly.

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