PETALING JAYA, Dec 4 — Celebrity preacher Nik Ahmad Farhan Nik Mohamad has officially divorced his first wife Fatin Nurul Ain Mat Aris.

He did the deed via a voice note on WhatsApp.

An audio clip of what is believed to be Nik Farhan’s voice pronouncing the talak satu (divorce pronouncement) began making the rounds online yesterday, angering Malaysians who were previously ticked off when news of the 29-year-old’s second marriage made headlines.

Nik Farhan later confirmed the split with Fatin in an interview with mStar.


“I divorced her with the talak satu on Tuesday afternoon,” he was quoted as saying.

However, he denied other claims spread by an individual known as Asiah Abd Jalil, who wrote on Facebook that Nik Farhan is currently in China with his new wife.

The same person also said that Fatin’s family has lodged a police report against the religious scholar for being a domestic abuser.


“This is slander towards me. Fatin is in her kampung right now with her family.

“The divorce rumours are true, but the rest is slander,” said Nik Farhan.

The 29-year-old, known for being the second season winner of TV3’s Da’i, chose to keep mum about his reasons for calling it quits with Fatin, who is currently pregnant with their second child.

Fatin’s friend and confidante Ches Al-Maliki first sparked controversy when she blasted Nik Farhan online for allegedly marrying a single mum-of-eight in Mecca without the approval of his first spouse.

Nik Farhan responded by lodging a police report against Ches and plans to file a defamation suit against her.

Amidst the ruckus, Fatin spoke up in a now-deleted Facebook post, writing that although she felt “disappointed, angry, and stressed” about Nik Farhan’s decision to take on a second wife, she did not want to end things in divorce.