PETALING JAYA, Aug 13 — Malaysian animated feature Boboiboy Movie 2 (BBBM2) collected RM9.9 million at the box office after just five days of its premiere in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Animonsta Studios chief executive office Nizam Abdul Razak, who is also the movie’s producer and director, said he did not expect BBBM2 to garner such massive numbers.

“I’m very excited and didn’t expect BBBM2 to hit RM9.9 million in just five days.

“The first Boboiboy movie took 13 days to reach the same box office collection.


He told Malay daily Kosmo!, “This shows that audiences in Malaysia have embraced and support local animation.”

Nizam also thanked viewers for providing positive comments and reviews.

He added that the comments received from the audience of various backgrounds prove that BBBM2 is a movie to be enjoyed by filmgoers from all walks of life.


Head of Astro Shaw and Nusantara Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said the good news signals a positive impact on the development of Malaysian films.

“Although there are international films that are screening, BBBM2 managed to find a place in the hearts of audiences so we are very grateful to those who have watched the film,” she said.

According to Astro Shaw, 763,000 cinemagoers have watched the film since its premiere on August 8.

The sequel centres around Boboiboy and his friends who go up against Retak’ka, an ancient villain with plans to steal Boboiboy’s elemental powers.