CYBERJAYA, May 24 ― The Medical Device Authority (MDA) confiscated 143,284 units of contact lenses worth RM700,000 at premises in a fashion wholesale mall in Jalan Gelugor, Pudu in the federal capital on May 20.

MDA chief executive Dr P. Muralitharan said the premises were first raided in November 2023 in collaboration with the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry for selling unregistered medical devices (contact lenses), which resulted in the company’s MDA Establishment Licence being revoked.

During the second raid, which was conducted following public complaints, MDA enforcement officers found evidence of the sale and distribution of unregistered contact lenses by an unlicensed company.


“Information from whistleblowers revealed that the sale was still ongoing, and it is believed that the products were illegally imported from South Korea and not registered with the MDA.

“The locally owned company has been operating for the past three years, selling various brands of contact lenses and cleaning solutions, including both registered and unregistered products. This was part of their modus operandi to mislead the authorities,” he told a press conference at MDA headquarters here today.

Elaborating, Muralitharan said the company committed various offences under the Medical Device Act 2012, including failing to register medical devices and not having an Establishment Licence.


If found guilty, the company is looking at a maximum fine of RM200,000 or imprisonment of up to three years, or both.

However, he said no arrests have been made so far, and investigations are ongoing, including tracking agents selling the products online.

“These products had no labels when imported, and the company affixed branded stickers themselves and sold them for RM9 to RM10, which is much cheaper than market prices,” he said.

Muralitharan also did not rule out the possibility that customers who purchased contact lenses from the premises might experience eye issues such as redness, watery eyes, itching or more severe conditions like corneal tears.

Therefore, he urged these individuals to seek appropriate treatment and assist the MDA in its investigations.

The public is advised to check the registration status of any medical device and the establishment licence of the supplying company by visiting before making any purchases. ― Bernama