KUALA LUMPUR, March 12 — As of January 31 this year, there are 56,066 active Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) pass holders inclusive of principals and dependents.

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing in a parliamentary written yesterday said China held the highest number of active MM2H pass holders, at 24,765.

This was followed by Australia (9,265), South Korea (4,940), Japan (4.733), Bangladesh (3,604) and the United Kingdom (2,234).

As for Taiwan, the United States, Singapore and India, each have over 1,000 active MM2H pass holders.


In December 2023, the ministry had revamped the MM2H programme by introducing a three-tiered system.

Tiong reportedly said under the new system, applicants will be classified into different groups based on their eligibility.

The type of visas available will also vary according to their designated categories.


The new MM2H programme will be on a trial-run for a year and will be adjusted based on evolving circumstances.

Under the new system, the age requirement has been lowered to 30 and above.

The three-tiered system looks to cater to diverse financial situations, whereby under the Platinum tier, participants must have a fixed deposit of RM5 million, the Gold tier RM2 million, and Silver RM500,000.

All participants of any chosen tier must fulfil the minimum stay requirement of residing in Malaysia of a cumulative total of 60 days annually.