KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 — Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is ready to mobilise strategic assets and employees to face the ongoing north-east monsoon season, which is expected to last until March next year.

Its chief distribution network officer, Wan Nazmy Wan Mahmood, said in preparation for this year’s monsoon period, TNB has prepared 247 portable generator sets (gensets), 279 lorries, 38 boats, 296 mobile gensets and 885 four-wheel drive vehicles.

“TNB is ready to open an operations room and mobilise teams to affected areas in the event of floods. Strategic locations that are unlikely to be flooded will be used as sites for temporary storage, test equipment centres and work distribution centres.

“TNB operations room and frontline staff are on standby. We have also identified systems that require priority for shutdown and supply isolation,” he said in a statement today.


He said that TNB technical staff involved in temporary shutdown and connection as well as restoration of supply will be provided with 108 units of floodlights and 10 units of satellite phones.

“We have carried out various actions such as raising the substation sites and installing flood barriers.

“We have also implemented asset markings to monitor changes in flood trends to improve flood disaster management or reduce damage to TNB installations. Early planning was also made for deploying mobile and portable gensets to strategic areas.


“TNB is also monitoring weather warnings via FARA (Flood Analysis and Risk Assessment) and obtaining flood information from the Irrigation and Drainage Department as well as the National Disaster Management Agency portal,” he said.

Wan Nazmy advised the public to be cautious when using electrical equipment, avoid touching switches with wet hands to prevent risks of electric shocks and get the services of contractors registered with the Energy Commission to check the wiring in flooded premises after the water recedes.

“Consumers who experience power cuts during flood season are advised to contact TNB at 15454 or through the TNB Careline Facebook page for assistance and follow-up action. TNB’s 24-hour Emergency Response Team is ready to immediately restore the power supply that has been cut off,” he added. — Bernama