BALIK PULAU, Sept 17 — Police seized 34 motorcycles from suspected “mat rempit” gangs during “Ops Samseng Jalanan” in south-west district here, early this morning.

In a statement today, the south-west district police headquarters said police also issued 65 summonses for numerous traffic offences in the four-hour long operation which started at 12.30am.

“In integrated operation under the Ops Samseng Jalanan and police seized 34 motorcycles for various offences under Section 64(4) of the Road Transport Act 1987,” the statement read.

It said the operation was carried out at the mat rempits’ favourite hang-outs where they do daredevil stunts, and was also aimed at nabbing motorists driving under the influence of alcohol, preventing the theft of vehicles, snatch thefts, house break-ins and other crimes.


The statement added that the operations will be carried out weekly to prevent the scourge of mat rempits and street gangs, which frequently disturb public peace. — Bernama