TAMBUN, November 4 — Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sought to allay concerns today that DAP would be in control of the coalition were it to win the 15th general election.

The PKR president insisted that concern was not valid as DAP has consistently demonstrated its commitment and loyalty to the coalition.

“When I came to the programme today, I was asked if I could give the assurance that DAP will not be ruling the coalition if PH wins the election.

“Let me say this, if we win the election, the one who will be the head is Anwar, and not Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


“Secondly, the government in the country will always have a Malay prime minister and a Malay Ruler (Yang diPertuan Agung), and a Malay mentri besar like in Perak and Selangor,” he said in his speech at an event welcoming 500 former MIC members into his party in Tambum here.

However, Anwar said that despite its Malay leaders, Malaysia’s political landscape was in need of reforms to make it respectful and accepting of all races.

He also insisted that the government's policies must be based on need rather than solely on race.


“I want Indians to support, believe and love me. But how they can do that if I don’t support, believe and love them?

“We are human and should not humiliate others just because of their race and religion. Yes, definitely we will help the Malays who are poor, but at the same time we cannot reject Indians who are poor,” he said.

“There are some concerns that DAP supporters are many compared to PKR, but this is all at the bottom; on top, we are all equal. Don’t be fooled by this incitement.

“So, don’t worry, DAP is our friend and they understand this principle,” he added.

Earlier, the membership forms of 500 MIC former members from eight MIC divisions in Tambun were submitted to Anwar as they quit the party to join PKR.

Anwar is contesting the Tambun federal constituency in the 15th general election.