KOTA TINGGI, Sept 1 — A joint agency search-and-rescue (SAR) team located three climbers who had been reported missing after they failed to descend from Gunung Panti at the recreational forest here today.

According to the Johor Fire and Rescue Department’s operation centre, the three climbers found by the SAR team were unhurt.

Operations commander Senior Fire Chief II Nasrul Jalil said the two men and a woman in their 20s were found at 10pm.

“Based on the missing victims’ WhatsApp application location, all three were later found at a distance of 300 metres from the second check point on Gunung Panti.


“They are now in the midst of being taken down from the check point,” said Nasrul in a statement tonight.

Nasrul said the three climbers, all Malaysians, started climbing at 7am today before they got lost in the forest area of Gunung Panti.

He said the Johor Fire and Rescue Department received an emergency distress call at 4.53pm regarding the missing climbers.


Earlier, the SAR operation saw the participation of 10 firemen, 12 policemen and seven members from the Johor Forestry Department.

The Gunung Panti mountain and recreational forest is a popular area for those seeking outdoor activities.

Gunung Panti, with an elevation of 457 metres, is described as being of moderate difficulty and appeals to a wide segment of climbers.