KAPIT, May 26 — Taps in Kapit have again run dry as the critically low water level of the Rajang River has left the Rural Water Supply Department’s (JBALB) treatment plant unable to operate.

The problems began around a week ago following extremely dry and hot weather, with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Consumers in the town area have faced very low water pressure, while those living on the outskirts of town can only collect water for short periods during off peak usage hours.

When contacted this morning, JBALB Kapit officer Andres Inchatekoster Anyap explained that the water treatment plant at Nanga Man was unable to operate at full capacity because the river level is now below the water pump.


“There is not enough water to meet the demand of the consumers here. We have some 7,000 water metres in town, housing estates, individual houses, and longhouses within the water grid.

“We are trying our very best to ration the water supply so that every consumer has some clean water for domestic usage. We apologise for the shortage of water supply and we are trying our very best to remedy the water supply,” he said.

Andreas advised households to collect sufficient water when there is flow in their areas.


He also reminded consumers to exercise prudence when using water.

“Because we don’t know when the water level will rise above the water pump. Only then will the treatment plant be able to operate fully to return to normal supply,” he added.

In normal conditions, the water treatment plant is able to process between 18 and 20 million litres per day.

However, during prolonged drought, the plant is only able to operate at a quarter capacity. — Borneo Post Online