MIRI, Sept 3 ― Several areas in Baram and Subis districts were hit by floods this morning following heavy rain, leaving schools, roads, and settlements inundated by up to five feet of water.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Miri chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said water levels at Rumah Nelson Ningkan and Rumah Bulin Nyalu in Sungai Saeh, Niah are reported to be on the rise.

“The driveway can only be accessed by four-wheel drive and is not suitable for small vehicles.

“Precautions if it is still raining in the ulu area, it is possible that the entrance to Rumah Bulin would be dangerous to pass,” he said in a statement.


The Subis District settlements of Rumah Edward Ekau, Sungai Serungut and Rumah Lingu in Pakut, Sibuti were also flooded.

“The damaged road surface and potholes made the roads leading to these settlements impassable to small vehicles, making it difficult for vehicles to enter the two villages, but the water trend is reported to have started to recede.

“No evacuations were necessary in the flood-affected areas in Baram and Subis districts and most local residents were able to resume going about their daily activities,” he added.


Separately, the Baram Education Office reported that the situation at flood-hit SK Long Teru, SK Long Miri, SK Long Panai, SK Morek, SK Kuala Bok, and SK Long Atip was under control even though the flood waters continued to rise.

It said SK Long Panai was the worst hit with the water level there measuring 5.2 feet.

Telang Usan District Officer Baru Tai said flooding at the nearby 129-door Long Panai longhouse was around two metres high and the water level was rising.

Apart from Long Panai, heavy rain since Thursday evening also caused several other Baram areas — Long Lama, Long Moh, Long Atip, Long Wat, and Long Laput — to experience flooding of up to three feet. ― Borneo Post