KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12 — Datuk Seri Azmin Ali today lauded the nine Malaysian students who won nine medals at the World International Mathematical Olympiad championship in Tokyo recently.

In a statement today, the economic affairs minister congratulated the students, including one who was just seven years old, for making Malaysia proud.

“We are extremely proud of the impressive successes of the nine Malaysian students, who qualified to compete in the World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO) in Tokyo, Japan.

“Each of the students, some as young as seven, who competed on the world stage, successfully took home a medal each, resulting in Malaysia emerging as the overall champion with the best results of 2 World Champions, 6 Gold and 1 Silver,” said Azmin.


The two students who emerged as World Champions and Gold Medallists are Yeoh Yi Shuen (SJK (C) Kwang Hwa) and Teoh Zhou Zhe (SJK (C) Min Terk).

The other six Gold Medallists are Alvis Leow Jin Ker (SJK (C) Jalan Davidson), Brandon Choo Sze How (SJK (C) Jalan Davidson), Chai Feng Ze (SJK (C) Jalan Davidson), Hoo Jordan (SJK (C) Jalan Davidson), Hoo Xinyi (SJK (C) Jalan Davidson), Tang Yi Xuan (SJK (C) Serdang Baru 2).

The only Silver Medallist was Cheah Jor Wii (SJK (C) Perempuan China).


Azmin added that education is the cornerstone of nation-building and under Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Pakatan Harapan administration will continue to embark on new policies to reform the Malaysian education system.

“Through Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, emphasis will be placed on education as a fundamental step towards closing the economic and development disparity between income classes, territories and communities.

“The Ministry of Economic Affairs is working closely with the Ministry of Education through stakeholder engagements to operationalise the principles and objectives of Shared Prosperity in the preparation of the 12th Malaysia Plan, a five-year medium-term plan that will offer a clear development roadmap for the country from 2021 to 2025,” said Azmin.

Furthermore, he pointed out that Malaysia must be prepared to face challenging geopolitical and economic conditions at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution but is confident that the united and holistic approach by Putrajaya on education reforms will be successful.