KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 — The two men who were caught in a viral video last week for scuffling at the Bukit Kiara toll plaza are now friends after undergoing their one-day jail sentence together.

Mohd Fazrien Mohd Ziear, 29, said that he and Ng Whye Hong, 39, regret their actions and have since made amends and moved on after serving their sentence on September 20.

“Seeing their (other prisoners) situation and condition awakened us. I was in the lockup for almost seven hours.

“Imagine the way in which the other prisoners' conversation, behavior and personal hygiene frightened me with Ng. That's when we started talking and we all regretted our attitude, emotions and ego during the incident,” Harian Metro quoted Mohd Fazrien as saying.

The sentence was meted by Magistrate Noorasyikin Sahat last Friday after both Mohd Fazrien and Ng plead guilty to the offence under Section 160 of the penal code.

They served their jail time at the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate Court lock-up on the same day of the sentencing.

They were also fined RM 1,000 each.

Mohd Fazrien said both of them will stay on the right side of the law and not let emotions get the better of them, in advising road users not to succumb to road rage.

“Even the time in the lockup is extremely brief, I felt like I lost all sensation. Life can change abruptly.

“Ng told me that if he faced the same situation again, he would not fight, instead he will pass the situation to the authorities.

“The law was not made to punish, but to educate people. That’s what happened to me,” he said

The video of the September 17 incident went viral last week showed recordings of a Toyota Hiace van is being blocked by a Mazda CX5 near Kerinchi Link here.

The van driver, who was with his wife and daughter, grew irritated when the Mazda driver, kept overtaking and braking when he was in front.

The video ends with the two men punching and kicking each other.

Both men were condemned on social media for resorting to violence especially in front of children.