KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should not be left fighting a lone battle in support of the Palestinian cause.

Rather, Palestine Ambassador to Malaysia, Walid Abu Ali said it should be supported by many more parties and countries in championing the fate of the Palestinians.

“Personally, I am saddened to see how Malaysia has been left alone regarding the recent issue (pertaining to the International Paralympic Committee), in which, unfortunately, the rest of the Arab countries also remained silent.

“This should not be happening. Thus, I hope those who believe in democracy, human rights and international law to (at least) come forward and show solidarity with Malaysia and its leader. Avoid the ‘double standards’ whenever, the Israeli and Palestinian issues arise... I hope.”

The envoy was speaking to Bernama International News Service in response to the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) decision to strip Malaysia of the right to host the 2019 World Para-Swimming Championships following Malaysia’s decision not to allow Israeli swimmers to participate in the championships.

Walid was met on the sidelines of #WeAreAllMary campaign launching event, co-organised by Malaysia Women’s Coalition for Al-Quds and Palestine (MWCQP) and Humanitarian Care Malaysia Berhad (MyCARE) held here today.

He officiated the global campaign which was led by a Turkey-based organisation, The International Union of Al-Quds Cultural Education and Research (UKAED), which saw the participation of more than 30 countries, including Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan and Russia.

Elaborating on bilateral relations, Walid pointed out that the Palestinians had always been grateful to the government and people of Malaysia for its wholehearted support towards the seven-decade Palestinian struggle.

Under the current leadership of Dr Mahathir, whom he described as having been steadfast in highlighting the Palestinian issue, the ambassador also highlighted education support as one of the important pillars of the bilateral ties.

Citing the #WeAreAllMary campaign which outlined a project to provide education scholarships for at least five Palestinians among participating countries, Walid said he was thankful for the efforts shown by numerous Malaysian non-governmental organisations working dedicatedly for Palestine.

“Malaysia has always been a great supporter, politically, of Palestine. They always show their solidarity, locally, regionally and internationally. No doubt about that.

“The second pillar is the education support. We have around 2,000 Palestinian students in Malaysian universities, at all levels. They are similarly treated, like Malaysians. This is where again, Malaysia shows its undivided support for the Palestinian cause.

“As we truly believe that education is a tool to liberate Palestine, therefore in wherever we stand, we seek education and we are thankful for the support given to us, to date,” he added.

Last night, in a hard-hitting blog post titled, ‘A Genocidal State’, Dr Mahathir said Israel was a criminal state that deserved to be condemned.

“I appeal to those who sympathise with the Palestinian cause to voice their condemnation. Terrorism is not the answer. A proper strategy is needed to bring justice to the Palestinians,” the prime minister said in the blog post. — Bernama