KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 — Fifteen individuals from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have lodged a police report today to initiate a probe against hate crimes towards them.

The group, led by Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Malaysia (PKKUM) founder Elisha Kor Krishnan, said it is concerned about their safety and security following a barrage of anti-LGBT remarks in recent days.

“Recently on various social media sites many netizens have posted statements full of hatred targeted at the LGBT community of Malaysia,” she said in a statement.

“Some of these statements are of unprecedented violent nature, suggesting that LGBT people should be killed.


“We consider this an alarming issue which should be investigated by the authorities,” she added.

The police report was lodged at 10.45am at Dang Wangi Police Station today.

Elisha, who is also the Malaysian Aids Council assistant honorary secretary, said the police report was also prompted by statements made by state religious bodies which refused to acknowledge the group.


They had reportedly accused the LGBT community of opposing the teachings of Islam and the Malaysian norm, customs and culture.

“The statements create an unsafe environment for LGBT community and can contribute to society believing that people can take the law into their own hands, such as commenting hate crimes or making threats.

“We hope in the future the religious bodies won’t create any misconceptions in understanding the LGBT community,” Elisha said.

Muftis in various states including Perak, Pahang and Penang have also come forward to express their disagreement and disapproval towards the LGBT lifestyle.

Citing Article 8(1) and (2) of the Federal Constitution, she said there is no room for any kinds of discrimination as all persons are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the law.

“LGBT people are Malaysian citizens, full members of our society, as such should be treated with equality, respect and dignity, so that they can live their lives without the constant fear of being attacked and exposed to hate-crime,” she said.

She said the community is also urging the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, and Ministry of Home Affairs to look further into the matter.

Elisha added that with the increasing threat of hate crimes, the community, especially transgendered individuals, is severely affected, psychologically.

“We plead that the ministries to look into this issue on a priority basis as it is affecting the LGBT community daily lifestyle in public.

“We hope an immediate action on this current issue will be taken,” she said.