KOTA KINABALU, Sept 19 — The following is a list of abductions in Sabah in over a decade before the formation of the Sabah Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) and since its establishment in 2013


April 23 — 21 hostages — 10 tourists and 11 resort staff kidnapped from Sipadan island. All 21 released.

Sept 11 — 3 Malaysians kidnapped from Pandanan Island. Hostages rescued a month later.



Oct 5 — 3 Indonesians and 3 Filipinos from Borneo Paradise Eco Resort Farm were abducted — One later died, one was rescued and the remaining released.



April 11 — East Ocean tugboat near the Sabah border, raided and took its Indonesian skipper and 2 Sarawakians. Later reported dead.  


March 30  —3 Indonesian from Bonggaya 91 tugboat taken, near Mataking Island,  Semporna. All were released.


Feb 8— 2 Malaysians employed at a seaweed farm in Pulau Sebangkat, Semporna taken. Released after 10 months.


Nov 14 — Cousins Tung Wee Jie and Wee Wei kidnapped from their bird’s nest farm near Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu. Wee Jie escapes after 9 months. Wee Wei died in captivity.


Feb 11 — Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu attacked by 200 armed insurgents from Sulu Sultanate. 56 militants, 10 Malaysian security forces were later killed in shootouts.

March 1 —ESSCOM was formed to coordinate security operations and intelligence gathering to protect Sabah’s east coast from external threats.

Nov 15   — Taiwanese Chang An Wei abducted and her husband Li Min Hsu killed at Pom Pom island resort. Chang was freed after 36 days.


April 2, — Chinese tourist Gao Huayun, and Filipino hotel worker Marcy Dayawan  taken from the Singgahmata Reef Resort near Semporna. Both released after 2 months.

May 6 — Chinese national Yang Zailin taken from a fish farm in Pulau Baik, Lahad Datu. He was rescued 63 days later.

June 16 — Malaysian Chan Sai Chuin kidnapped from a fish farm at Kampung Sapang in Kunak.  Hostage released after six months.

July 12 — Marine Police Ab Rajah Jamuan was shot dead while colleague Kons Zakiah Aleip was abducted while on duty at on Mabul island. Zakiah was released after 8 months.

July 19 — Esscom imposes sea curfew from 6pm to 6am. Curfew was later extended and changed to 7pm to 5am.


May 14  — Restaurant manager Thien Nyuk Fun and patron Bernard Then  kidnapped from Sandakan seafood restaurant. Thien was released after 6 months but Then was beheaded.


26 March — Brahma 12 tugboat hijacked and 10 Indonesian crew taken. All were later released.

April 1  — 4 Sarawakian Malaysians on the MV Masfive 6 tugboat en route from Manila to Tawau, abducted near Ligitan island in Sabah. All were released 3 months later.

July 9 —  3 Indonesians — Lorence Kotten,Teodorus Kopong and Emanuel Arakian abducted from a Malaysian fishing boat off Sinakut, Lahad Datu. Released after two months.

July 18 — Five Malaysian sailors Tayuddin Anjut, Mohd Ridzuan Ismail,  Fandy Bakran, Mohd Zumadil Rahim and Abd Rahim Summas were kidnapped near Dent Haven, Lahad Datu, Still in captivity.

Aug 3 — Harman Mangga 30, the Indonesian skipper of a fishing trawler was taken. Fate unknown.

Sept 10 — Filipino refugees Loloi Alpin, 30; Sami and Masurin, were taken off Pulau Pom Pom while fishing. Still in captivity.