KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — Pahang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Osman has denied labelling all DAP members “kafir harbi”, but said the term applied to any who opposed Islam.

Following criticism over his reported use of the term that translates as “non-Muslim infidel”, he further claimed that he was only referring to the federal opposition party's ideology rather than any specific person.

“I did not simply refer the term 'kafir harbi' to DAP, but anyone who opposes Islam. That is what I meant,” he was quoted as saying by the Sinar Harian news portal today.

“I didn't name any individuals, but DAP has a mentality that can be categorised as 'kafir harbi'. Their thinking is clearly to try and wage war or poison the Islamic way of life from being upheld. This is what we oppose.”


But he also said he stood by his use of the term, citing among others the political party's objection to PAS's private member's Bill to enhance the powers of Shariah courts, which has been dubbed the hudud Bill.

Abdul Rahman further insisted that Muslims must defend their religion from slander, but did not elaborate on this.

The Pahang Mufti also denied that his remark was political in nature, but was made in defence of Muslim rights and based on his religion.


Abdul Rahman also asserted that he has not made political remarks before, ignoring his previous attack against DAP when the Pahang religious department issued an Aidiladha sermon last September that claimed it was against Islam to join the DAP.

On Friday, Abdul Rahman was quoted in Utusan Malaysia as labelling the DAP “kafir harbi” over its opposition to hudud laws, adding as well that it would be a “great sin” for Muslims to support the party.

It is believed that those categorised as “kafir harbi” can be killed for being against the implementation of Islamic principles and going against God.

Abdul Rahman has come under criticism from Muslims and non-Muslims alike for the remark that critics contend would incite violence and extremism, given the growing influence and presence of militant groups like the Islamic State (IS) in Malaysia.

Even Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, a frequent and vocal detractor of the DAP, said the Pahang Mufti was excessive to label the opposition party “kafir harbi” simply due to political or other differences.