KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — Selangor MB Azmin Ali has channelled Malcolm X into his Hari Raya Haji message, urging the public to support democracy, human rights and tolerance in a multi-ethnic society.

The message was a first of sorts for the new MB who got his job against the background of acrimony and high drama including a spurned female candidate, a predecessor bent on staying on and self-censoring in newsrooms to avoid issues too sensitive for public discussion.

In a message that seemed about as sharp as it was short, Azmin appeared to hit a winner by invoking the spirit of Malcolm X as a marker for tolerance.

“This is the spirit we have to adopt this AidilAdha,” Azmin said.


He told Muslims in Selangor to emulate Malcolm X in order to maintain harmony and prosperity.

“Complete democracy, independence and human rights as well as tolerance in a multiracial society are unlikely to be achieved without sacrifice,” he added after outlining Malcolm X’s contribution to society.

Azmin’s critics would be hard pressed to find fault with the message, except perhaps that he did not make a more direct appeal to non-Muslims.