Teacher who forced students to act like cows transferred, says education officer

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SUNGKAI, Jan 27 — Two students of SJKC Khai Meng Khai who were victimised by a teacher in the ‘cow’ incident on Friday attended school today.

The Year Four students who looked sad said several of their friends teased by calling them “lembu” (cow).

They were sent to school by their mothers and attended the weekly assembly school at 7.30am followed by lessons.

Siti Aishah Hashim, 32, who sent her son at 7.10am by car said, “My son is scared to attend school today but I persuaded him.

“He also got glances from curious onlookers while at the market yesterday,” she told reporters when met near the school today.

She was satisfied with the Education Department action in transferring the teacher concerned to another school with immediate effect.

Meanwhile, Yarnis Kasuma Dewi Zainal Aripin, 32, said her son would be too traumatised to attend school if the teacher was not transferred.

Officers from Batang Padang Social Welfare Department and District Education Office who were present at the school since morning left at 3.45pm followed by the teacher 35 minutes later.

It is understood that the officers were gathering information form the teacher who has been transferred to a school in Kampar and from the school.

The Inspector of Schools and the district education officers met with the teacher in the morning.

Director-General of Education Datuk Khair Mohamad Yusof yesterday said the teacher has been transferred immediately and given a warning letter for being excessive.

The two students were forced to eat grass by the English language teacher for failing to complete their schoolwork.

Khair said not completing schoolwork is not a disciplinary offence but part of the process of teaching and learning.

Moreover, the students are still in primary school, a place where they should receive proper guidance. — Bernama

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