PARIS, April 4 — Generally associated with romantic getaways, the French capital is not actually Europe’s number-one destination for marriage proposals, according to a recent study.

Whether it’s a kiss at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, flirting along the banks of the River Seine, or a fleeting embrace in a scenic cobbled street, many overseas visitors have an image of Paris as a romantic destination.

But however romantic it may be, Paris isn’t Europe’s leading hotspot when it comes to marriage proposals. And it’s not Venice—which easily rivals Paris for the title of “City of Love”—that outshines the French capital. According to an analysis by Paris Tickets & Tours, a tour operator specializing in the sale of tickets for tourist attractions in the French capital, the greatest number of engagement rings are actually offered in Lisbon!

To find this out, the researchers looked at Instagram hashtags referring to marriage proposals. The analysis took into account some 10 hashtags that young lovebirds might associate with an engagement announcement on the social network, such as #Capitalproposal, #Capitalengagement, #Capitallove, #Capitallovers, #Engagedincapital, #Capitalengagementphotographer, #Capitalmarryme or #Capitallovestory. For the Portuguese capital, there were some 1.04 million hashtags linked to marriage proposals.


As far as this particular ranking goes, Lisbon leads the way, followed by London in second place and Paris in third.

Which European cities are the biggest hotspots for marriage proposals?

Lisbon (Portugal) — 1,049,944 hashtags


London (UK) — 1,026,528 hashtags

Paris (France) — 1.011.970 hashtags

Berlin (Germany) — 549,300 hashtags

Andorra la Vella (Andorra) — 358.459 hashtags

Vienna (Austria) — 318,054 hashtags

Madrid (Spain) — 248,026 hashtags

Amsterdam (Netherlands) — 189.113 hashtags

Oslo (Norway) — 146,535 hashtags

Warsaw (Poland) — 105.516 hashtags — ETX Studio