KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 ― During the handover ceremony for the first batch of Tesla Model 3, Tesla Malaysia provided a preview of its first service centre in the country. The first Tesla Service Centre is located at Cyberjaya just next door to the Tesla Experience Centre, Cyberjaya. It is expected to open officially sometime next week.

Tesla’s first service centre in Malaysia

The Cyberjaya centre located at Persiaran APEC, Cyber 6 is currently the first and only official Tesla service centre in the country and there are plans to expand its service network to better serve its customers. For now, the service centre which covers an area of 22,000 sq ft is only accepting EVs that are officially sold by Tesla Malaysia. That means they won’t be able to accept your grey-imported Tesla vehicles at the moment.


In the event your Tesla has gotten into an accident or had some damages, Tesla has also appointed authorised body shops to carry out repairs. The first authorised body shop is opening soon in the Klang Valley and more will be appointed.

Tesla Malaysia’s preferred insurance providers are Etiqa and Liberty Insurance. If you’ve gotten into an accident with your Tesla, you can call your insurance’s hotline and they will arrange a tow truck to send your EV to an authorised body shop.

What is it like to service a Tesla in Malaysia?


According to Tesla, their vehicle service and maintenance is very different from your typical internal combustion engine-powered car. There’s no regular maintenance needed in the sense that there’s no need for regular oil or fluid change. Tesla owners can just focus on driving and the only things they would probably need to replace are tyres and cabin filters if it gets a little smelly.

Tesla owners can always get help or support through the official Tesla app. Tesla Malaysia has a team of trained customer service personnel who are able to perform remote diagnosis for your vehicle. If there’s a fault with the car, they can identify the issue remotely and deploy a mobile service team to solve the problem. Tesla said the mobile service team can come to your home, your driveway or even your grocery store if they are fast enough to meet you there.

If the issue can’t be solved remotely, the Tesla team can arrange an appointment to check your Tesla at the service centre. The Cyberjaya location has 10 service bays and we spotted a total of 7 lifts.

What about Tesla service outside of the Klang Valley?

At the moment, Tesla has started deliveries for the Model 3 while deliveries for the Model Y are only expected to start next year. For now, most of their customers are based around the Klang Valley but they have received orders from customers in other states including East Malaysia. Tesla Malaysia emphasised that the customer experience is a priority and they are not here just to sell cars.

As more cars are being delivered to customers around the country, Tesla says they are working on expanding not just its service centre, authorised body shop centres and mobile service teams, but they are also looking at new delivery centres as well. For now, Cyberjaya is still the go-to place if you’re looking to pick up and service your Tesla vehicle.

The Tesla Service Centre also has four Tesla Superchargers and three Destination chargers right at the front door. These AC and DC chargers are expected to be open to the public soon. The Tesla Superchargers which are capable of DC charging up to 250kW, are priced at RM1.25 per kWh while its Destination chargers are now available for free until further notice.

In case you missed it, check out our tour of the Tesla Centre in Cyberjaya. ― SoyaCincau